On-site training

The International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) of the Basel Institute on Governance has developed and delivered training programmes in financial investigations and asset recovery to practitioners all over the world for more than ten years. We are specialised in conducting practical and interactive training programmes customised to country specific needs, and taught both in person and on-site by our experts in partner countries.

Training concept

Sustainable capacity building in partner countries

An integral part of our philosophy is to build or enhance capacity and knowledge in our partner countries. We aim to increase their autonomy in the fight against financial crimes and money laundering as well as in their pursuit to repatriate stolen assets.

ICAR training programmes generally target practitioners in the public sector, including investigators, prosecutors, members of the judiciary and Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs), and related staff. Our programmes are specifically designed to enhance skills and competences to analyse, investigate and prosecute complex corruption offences, financial crime and money laundering cases, and to recover the proceeds of crime.

We also promote and develop inter-agency collaboration in the investigation and prosecution of corruption and money laundering, as well as asset recovery by integrating representatives of various law enforcement agencies within our programmes.

A unique training methodology

ICAR programmes offer a balanced mix between hands-on exercises and interactive learning methods. By using a combination of foundation building lectures, workshops and country-specific practical exercises, participants are taken from the basics to a very advanced level of financial investigative techniques and asset tracing.

The practical exercise is an intricate, simulated investigation that replicates the real world as closely as possible. Participants learn how to unravel the web of deceptive financial transactions leading the investigators through the murky world of international banking transactions, offshore shell companies, financial centres and nominees. They work in task force groups, make independent decisions on investigative actions including surveillance, search warrants, interviewing hostile witnesses and tracking the proceeds of large-scale corruption across international borders.

International expertise and hands-on approach

The ICAR training team consists of international money laundering and asset recovery specialists, including former prosecutors and investigators with in-depth knowledge and long-standing practical experience. With their assistance and mentorship, participants are taken through complex, simulated investigations with their maze of financial transactions. Our exposure to the laws, legal systems and practices of more than 30 countries where we have worked, enables us to share not only international best practice but also country-specific information.

To ensure accuracy and credibility, the ICAR training team consistently conducts a scoping mission in the country itself to fully understand its legal system and practices, and to gather relevant legislation. This enables our experts to design and customise ICAR’s training material to the exact needs of the local practitioners engaged in the investigation and prosecution of corruption and money laundering, and the recovery of assets.

Training programmes