The Basel Institute’s ICAR team develops and offers a range of software tools and services in support of its other operational services, in particular to facilitate financial investigations and asset recovery processes. Our partners in this area include law enforcement and other public institutions and, increasingly, financial services organisations and the non-financial private sector. Currently, the following IT tools are available:

The Asset Recovery Intelligence System (ARIS)

uses semantic technologies to search the public Internet and commercial news sources for traces of corruption linked to entities under scrutiny. Essential to the tool is a keyword taxonomy that is tailored specifically to the field of corruption and money laundering. This taxonomy quickly helps in identifying documents and, therein, text passages of primary concern. Available free of charge to all public and not-for-profit organisations.

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Guide to the role of civil society organisations (CSOs) in Asset Recovery

seeks to assist interested CSOs to understand potential areas of engagement and strategic considerations regarding routes of engagement in the asset recovery process; it also highlights potential risks and challenges and how these may be mitigated, and provides case examples of CSO efforts in support of the recovery of stolen assets. This guide was developed by ICAR and partners in the context of the Forum on Asset Recovery (AFAR). It is available on a stand-alone website in English, Arabic and Ukrainian.

Tools offered by partner organisations

  • Mutual Legal Assistance Request Writer Tool
    The Mutual Legal Assistance Request Writer Tool (MLA Tool) has been developed by UNODC to assist States to draft requests with a view to facilitate and strengthen international cooperation.
  • UNODC Track
    A central platform of “Tools and Resources for Anti-Corruption Knowledge” developed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Basel AML Index

is an anti-money laundering (AML) country risk ranking. It is an independent risk assessment tool for financial institutions that have to comply with AML, counter-terrorism-financing (CTF), and anti-bribery rules.