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ICAR's e-learning CAMPUS offers free, web-based courses on asset tracing, intelligence gathering and financial analysis. All courses are developed for self-paced individual learning, featuring interactive exercises to learn and practice new knowledge and skills. Please register and login to enroll in one of the courses. All courses are also available offline, and thus can be accessed when your internet connection is slow or you prefer to complete the courses while you are not connected to the Internet.

Operational analysis

Intelligence Cycle

The analysis of suspicious transactions for activities related to money laundering or the financing of terrorism is one of the core functions of Financial Intelligence Units. In this course participants will learn the following skills and knowledge:

  • Understand the core responsibilities of a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)
  • Differentiate between information and intelligence
  • State the steps of the Intelligence Cycle
  • Assess the risk of Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs)
  • Conduct an analysis of STRs including all steps of the intelligence cycle:
    • Create a collection plan and a working hypothesis
    • Collect information from the STR, the FIU database and other domestic databases like police records
    • Collect information from closed and opened international sources
    • Evaluate and collate the information
    • Analyse the information
    • Create and disseminate reports of your findings

This course is self-paced. You can start, take breaks and continue at any time. It is structured in sessions that build up on each other. So it is recommend to start with Session 1 and continue throughout the other sessions. Your progress is saved. Once you finished all session you will be eligable to obtain a certificate of completion.

This course is a joint development of the International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) and the Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units and is based on the content of Egmont's "Tactical Analysis" on-site training.


Financial analysis using Excel


For most investigators, Excel is the tool of choice to analyze financial information.

  • In this course you will learn how you protect your valuable data from accidental changes
  • Using simple functions you will be able to find transactions that stand out
  • The use of filters gives you the power to find exactly the data you are searching for
  • Subtotals will allow you to summarize your financial data at an instance
  • You will learn how to create interactive summaries using the advanced function of PivotTables in your analysis
  • Finally an overview of typical patterns for an illegal use of bank accounts allows you to further explore the possibilities to analyze financial data 

Utilizing interactive training modules and practical assignments this course gives you the opportunity to learn the required skills step by step. The course has 9 modules, each is 10-15’ in duration.

It's time to get started on financial analysis using Excel.


Visualise cases and flows of money


Corruption and money laundering cases often include complex structures of persons and companies involved. For example, when presenting your case to your supervisor or a colleague a graph depicting the structure of the case or the structure of the flow of money can help to better understand the case.

In this course the free software yEd is used to allow you to create graphs. In particular this course covers:

  • Creation of graphs using simple node shapes representing entities of your case
  • Connecting nodes using edges
  • Import and use of custom pictures as nodes in your graph
  • Use of automatic layout functions to analyze your graph
  • Automatic creation of graphs from Excel files containing case information
  • Use of the property mapper to automatically adjust the settings of you graph to data in your Excel file, e.g. map the amount of money transferred to the thickness of a connecting edge of two bank accounts.
  • Ways to present your graph, e.g. export to PowerPoint

The course features interactive assignments which allow you to practice your skills and knowledge. The total duration of this course is between 4 and 6 hours.


Source and Application


It’s time to uncover the illegal income of your suspect!

The method "Source and Application" is the key to prove your bribery / money laundering case if you do not have any direct evidence.

  • Use circumstantial/indirect evidence like bank records to prove bribery or corruption
  • Get to know the principles of the easy to use, and powerful method Source and Application
  • Calculate the amount of unknown/illegal income of a suspect
  • See how international recommendations like the UNCAC support the use of circumstantial/indirect evidence in a bribery / money laundering case
  • Learn how to find sources and applications in your case
  • You will acquire the skills to create a Source and Application calculation on your own
  • Use a simple Excel template that helps you to calculate the amount of unknown/illegal income

Featuring interactive assignments, this course teaches you how to use circumstantial evidence to uncover illegal income of your suspect. The course has 7 modules, each is 10-30’ in duration.


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